The You-asked Framework is a Cloud based Knowledge Management System which makes it possible for our developers to create custom designed modules which satisfy your exact business requirements while enjoying the benefits of our permission driven high security structure.


Allowing your customers to give real time feedback on your products and services providing you with valuable Business Intelligence.


If you have ever wanted an easy way for your customers to give you feedback, the You-talk system is your answer. By either scanning a QR code or clicking on a short URL, your customers are presented with your custom specific questionnaire and you get their feedback immediately.

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Real Time feedback

The system permits feedback information to be automaticaly segmented and sent to the appropriate level of management in real time.

Data Analysis

The system automatically stores customer feedback which is available to you as raw data or graphical statistics. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis by you.

Data Feeds

The system can be configured to automatically push the feedback data to your Business Intelligence systems allowing you to incorporate this information into your management reporting and decision making process.


Using the power of the Internet to present custom designed course material to make distance learning a successful reality.

You Learn

In today’s fast moving world, it is often not practical in terms of time and cost for someone to attend a course which has fixed times and runs at the pace of the slowest learner. We should have the freedom to study at whatever time suits us and to progress at our own rate. Using the power of the Internet, this is what the You-learn system offers.

Course Content

Course content and subject matter is tailored specifically to suit your requirements and is ideal for:

  • Corporate training and company policy
  • Online help and assistance
  • Remote learning and refresher courses
  • Subject matter awareness validation
  • Accreditation of industry professionals
  • Continuous training and employee development


Once a learner is registered on the system, they are presented with structured segments of information (called “Knowledge Bytes”) which they receive at their own pace. These “Knowledge Bytes” are presented to the learner sequentially, the next one only being sent when the learner confirms to the system that they have read and understood the one they are busy with. During the course, the system periodically presents the learner with questions on material already covered and evaluates the answers given.


On completion of a course, the system sends the learner and the course administrator a complete analysis of the learner’s results. The course administrator is able to monitor the learner’s participation and progress during the course.


Sending structured, filtered and targeted messages to selected lists or groups of clients.

You Communicate

You-communicate is an ideal tool in applications where information distribution and management to multiple recipients is required. Information flow can be two-way and the system will facilitate multiple response/acknowledgement codes and make any required database updates. Messages can be tailored based upon a recipients unique characteristics.

Mailing Lists

ASP.NET Web Forms lets you build dynamic websites using a familiar drag-and-drop, event-driven model. A design surface and hundreds of controls and components let you rapidly build sophisticated, powerful UI-driven sites with data access.

Usage and Application

You-communicate is an ideal business tools for a variety of applications such as:

  • Information flow to employees or customers;
  • Distribution of company information;
  • Campaign promotions for specific products;
  • Real-time market research tool.

Selective Targeting

The system allows mailing lists to be filtered by different parameters such as:

  • Region.
  • Income bracket.
  • Gender.
  • Age group.